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Henrik Jensen's 'Followed By Thirteen'

             Esben Tjalve        Rory Simmons         Henrik Jensen            Pete Ibbetson

"Jensen is thoughtful, richly chordal and attractively Charlie Haden-like on the bass"

John Fordham, The Guardian.

"The balance between composed and improvisation, as in the best jazz, disappears so that one is left with a complete and perfectly coherent quartet performance"

Chris Barber, Jazzviews.

Jensen leads his own quartet Henrik Jensen's ‘Followed By Thirteen’ which he founded in 2010. His compositions are thoughtful, playful, bursting with energy, at times melancholic and there is space in the arrangements, room for each member of the quartet to express themselves. The group released their 2nd album 'BLACKWATER' in September 2016, which features Andre Canniere-trumpet, Esben Tjalve-piano, and Antonio Fusco-drums. 'Blackwater' has received some outstanding reviews including the Guardian and the Evening Standard.

"What a great quartet with lively sound, always tight but allowing plenty of individual freedom too"

Ken Drew, Bebopspokenhere.

"Jensen’s precise, song-like bass extemporisations catch the ear" Adrian Pallant, Londonjazz.