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The New Simplicity Trio

Bruno Heinen    Antonio Fusco    Henrik Jensen

The debut album Common Spaces by New Simplicity Trio is a powerful statement of musical commitment to groove and melody. These are tunes that will be whistled and hummed.Something of a rarity on the contemporary UK and European scene amongst younger players, the trio of Heinen, Jensen and Fusco focus on melodic and harmonic simplicity. That approach has given space for every stroke or touch to stand distinct, achieving a fine balance of tension and grace on Common Spaces and between the 3 players.New Simplicity Trio formed in 2014, with the addition of Danish London-based double bassist Henrik Jensen to the long-standing and deep collaboration between Italian drummer Antonio Fusco and the British pianist Bruno Heinen.

The New Simplicity Trio. Live at The Vortex

The New Simplicity Trio. Live at The Vortex

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